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Default Re: Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
The question is - Are you tired of Iron Man being overexposed?

Well, since I don't think he has been overexposed....then I guess my answer is no.

You say he has been in 5 movies....I say he has been in 4, because a two minute cameo not in the Iron suit as an after credit bone to the comicfans that 90% of the actual viewing audience didn't see....doesn't mean much. And even if that one had been longer and could actually be called a "role" in the movie feeling would be fine. He's a popular character and is bringing in non comic fans to see the movies.
That's the biggest thing. The comic fans are going to come to the movie regardless. It's the non-comic fans that bring the big money. The general audience likes him and Stark Industries ties all of the MCU movies together.

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