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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

Why the heck would they need Vin for Spider-Man? Honestly... how does that even halfway make sense? What could Vin be doing that they'd need to contact him

Obviously putting it together with something else in the MCU isn't merging of the brands. Putting it GOTG with Avengers isn't merging of the brands, because they already are in the same universe, unless you think they're going to stop making Avengers and GOTG separate and make it one merged GOTG-Avengers franchise. If not, then you're not talking about merging the brands anymore than they are right now, so it can't be something in the MCU currently.

And if it's not in the MCU currently... and it's not Spider-Man... WOWZA. You can put safe bets on it not being a Fox property, and if that's the case, then you can put safe bets on it not being something from the Marvel universe, you're talking about something from a different brand.

So now where in lala-land because the only 'brands' Vin Diesel needs to be on the ground floor in are Fast and Furious, xXx and Riddick. Riddick's story doesn't mesh with current day anything, so that's right out. And while I love me some FnF and xXx, neither of them seem like a great Marvel Universe adventure. That would be, in short, a waste.

So then we start asking about non-Vin properties that he might be on the ground floor on... and that way madness lies. Something is inaccurate here, or at least, very easily misinterpreted.

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