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Default Re: 5 things you want to see

#1 cap becoming more comfortable and established as the leader of the team.
#2 I'm curious how stark "is still" iron man. Is it bleeding edge/extremis? If so, show us the development or tinkering for that suit. The tinkering and problem solving in each of his movies has been the most entertaining part.
#3 what has banner been up to? Has he controlled the anger completely? Has there been an incident? If so, what happened?
#4 I know the cast is massive and script will be too but I would love a Pym/Lang Easter egg the gets us more excited for the ant-man movie a couple weeks later.
#5 random: since the avengers, I've been very curious why the NASA banner was hanging in the building in the opening scene. Is there a connection to shield? What is it?

There are countless others as well but this is a start. Seeing a nod to avengers #24 as zarex suggested would be cool too.

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