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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
At first I didn't realize that this was a necro-thread and burst out laughing at this post. What a difference a $207 million OW makes.

There is more wrong with it than just a faulty opening weekend prediction, however. Females made up over 40% of the audience for TA. The numbers were the same for IM2 & IM3. It should be apparent by now that women are strongly interested in Marvel films on their own, not merely because men happen to drag them out to the theater. Just check Tumblr if any confirmation of that is needed. There are of course plenty of female fans on this site as well but we don't necessarily prefer message forums, particularly male-dominated ones.

Since Marvel's films don't have any trouble attracting sizable portion of the female audience, the question should be, How can they attract more? It seems fairly simple to me: Add female heroes, continue to emphasize character and relationships in the films and tailor part of the marketing to attract female fans. They've already realized that Loki is a big draw for some women and are capitalizing on that, but the basic formula is in place. Appealing heroes + strong heroines (whether super or not) + great relationships = larger female audience.
Hmmm... since you picked me to necro I'm not at all convinced that women are strongly interested in Marvel films on their own. If the majority were women, that would support that statement, but 40% could be any mixture of independent interest, tagalongs, compromises and bandwagoning. Bringing the guys often brings the women.

Now Marvel films do give women something to like on their own, that's clear, but the way to bring in more seems to be to bring in more people in general and include women as great supporting cast heroes, as with IM3 and Avengers and Cap2 and Thor3. That brings in more women without pushing away any men, because if Avengers had been 60% women with that same number of women (that's around 50% of it's real gross), we would not be talking about the film like we are, it might have been considered a let down, even.

This thread is about attracting women, girls really, who will come even if the guys don't, who will drag guys to the films and let them find something they like in it. That demographic... it is quite large, and if we check Tumblr as a dipstick, several orders more immense and dedicated than the women that swoon over Loki.

If some property where to somehow marry these two demos, to bring in the action headed guys and the romance fueled girls... that film, that might blow everything out of the water. Avengers who? That's the prize this thread was originally mulling over, all those many moons ago...

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
The Hunger Games draws in a heavily female audience. The best way to hook them is with Ms. Marvel.
As a note, just because a character is female doesn't mean everyone who likes a separate female character will be interested or like them, otherwise Haywire and Ultraviolet would have done gangbusters.

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