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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

My guess is that Sony and Marvel are going to work out some sort of deal seeing as how Vin Deisel is Groot and the symbiote has to get to Earth somehow and perhaps the Guardians are going to play a small role in the black costume saga.

The only other brand to merge that's coming in 2016 would be X-Force tying into the MCU which I could only see happening if the Brood are tied up with the Ms. Marvel rights and Vulcan belongs to GOTG and Fox wants to work out a shared universe as they've had issues with shared characters like Ronan, Viper and Quicksilver.

Kang already is part of the Avengers rights and Fox probably wants to use him in a Fantastic Four movie since he's related to both franchises and in return Marvel knows that Wolverine, Storm, Rogue and Beast are all Avengers but belong to Fox while they also probably want to use Omega Red in a Black Widow solo film.

Disney and Newscorp really need to let go of the bad blood between them. The franchises are reaching a point where overlap is inevitable and I have no idea who owns Excalibur, Starjammers or Alpha Flight anymore, or worse, if these properties inhabit a grey area and are unfilmable.

And then with Marvel doing a Blade reboot, who owns Xarus? He was introduced in a Blade/X-Men crossover. Also, Juggernaut was in X3 but he's also a Hulk and Spider-Man villain. Without any sort of brand merging, there's eventually going to be too much red tape to move any franchise forward.

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