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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Well I just recently over the last day watched a marathon on the 7 MCU films(some of them it's the first time in years that I had seen them like TIH and Thor) and nothing in my ratings or rankings has changed much at all from when I initially saw them. I still say there's not a bad film in the bunch but not all are of equal quality. They run the spectrum of good to very good to great. I still can't decide on a lowest one yet though. All I know is that it's a toss up between IM3 and TIH. And I'd still say those bottom of the barrel MCU films are easily the equals of the best films of FOX and Sony's Marvel movies, the ceiling for which seems to be just good and runs the spectrum from awful to bad to meh/ok to good. I can only think of a couple of DC films(Supes1/BB) and some other non-Marvel/DC superhero films(Rocketeer/Unbreakable/Incredibles) that truly are good enough in quality that they would score in the same range as the MCU films with me.

2018 Movies so far:

1. Avengers: Infinity War (A)
2. Chappaquiddick (A-)
3. Ready Player One (B+/A-)
4. DeadPool 2 (B+)
5. Black Panther (B+)
6. Rampage (C+)
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