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Default Re: Namor the Sub-Mariner

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Well as I understand it he basically levitates and the wings are only there for propulsion. He doesn't fly terribly fast either, does he? Maybe 100 mph at top speed? I mean how fast can those tiny wings push him when all is said and done?
Yeah, this brings us to question of whether or not he will even fly in the movie.

IIRC, in the script for a previous Namor film treatment, he just propelled himself at high speeds out of the water and launched himself exceptionally high and fast through the air (like when you see the dolphin show at SeaWorld, but x100...). Its been years, though, so I could be remembering it wrong.

What would you guys say if this were the case? Either no flying at all, or some nod to flying that is more organically woven into Namor's base powerset? I wouldn't mind the launching-out-of-the-water thing, especially if he has "ankle fins" to justify his ability to generate such high speeds in the water.

EDIT: PS sorry if this topic has been discussed already...

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