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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

Originally Posted by lozzy.94 View Post
Thats exactly what he means. I swear some people read too much into thing.
a) Why the hell would GOTG and Avengers be considered separate brands? and
b) How has "everyone been talking about this for a long time?" and
c) How is GOTG/Avengers considered "something big?" and
d) Which one is considered "the new IP" for 2016 --- GOTG ("new" in 2014) or Avengers ("new" in 2012)? and
e) Where would Vin Diesel fit into this? Thanos? HELL no. If he was playing Thanos, he wouldn't be voice-acting Groot in the same damn movie next year, and we'd already have PLENTY of media hype announcing that Vin was, in fact, cast as the Mad Titan. Thanos shows up next year in GOTG, and it sure as hell isn't going to be Vin Diesel in that role. 110% guaranteed.

There's a lot of possibilities for what Vin has been talking about when he discusses being in a new Marvel IP in 2016, and being part of a merging of brands of sorts way, way down the road; but "merging" existing Marvel Studios titles that will already be old news by 2016 is most definitely NOT what he's talking about. I swear, some people don't bother reading enough into things.


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