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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by Sullstar View Post
Fox will add popular characters for a reason. Yes we should and probably will get some original members but the others will be ones that appeal to wider audiences, not just X-Force fans. If they started with an all basically original X-Force team we would probably not even get a sequel because Shatterstar, Feral, Boom-Boom and to a lesser extent Cannonball, although they're amazing and interesting characters the matter-of-fact is they won't make as much money as say a team consisting of Deadpool, Psylocke and Wolverine and money is ultimately the end goal for FOX.

As a massive X-Force and X-Men fan I would rather get a X-Force franchise with characters that weren't in the original lineup than a stand-alone film with the original team.
See if they gave us a good New Mutants/X-Force origin movie they could still use certain characters as cameos to get them on the poster. For example, if they started with say 5 members of the New Mutants they could start in the X-Mansion with Wolverine (Hugh) as their combat trainer. This shows the X-Mansion as the central home for the "good" mutants being trained to be "good" mutants. It brings Wolverine in, but not as a central star.

But then this group would be out of the mansion. Away from Xavier, Wolverine, Storm, etc. They would then have the focus and be put into a situation where they have to act on their own. They would be saved by Cable (and Domino) who would then become their leader. This way you have a great origin movie, with a real Cable (not Wolverine-Cable), and Domino, both badass and necessary characters, and they would then move away from the New Mutant nomenclature and become the X-Force paramilitary style group, setting the next movie.

And things could change from there, once you have established the new team. Movie two could start months later with Cable having trained this group. They should have a couple of the young original members, like Cannonball and Boom Boom, which maintains that connection, and then the rest would be Cable and Domino and maybe one other, like a Feral or Shatterstar. That would give five really good characters, with the needed Cable and Domino.

This one could just go wrong so easily. Yes, having Wolverine in the movie, pretty much any X movie, is good for turnout. But does he have to be a main member of the team? I say no. Have him as an instructor and he's in the movie and can be billed as such. Give him one good scene where he teaches them some important thing, like sometimes you need to make hard choices and hesitating can lead to devastating loss. Something that will come back into the story later.

Also look at any good X movie (there's a couple) and you will find a story that has some older characters and some young, impressionable characters. This would work for an X-Force origin movie as well. And of course the young members would change due to the teachings of Cable, making a totally badass team in #2!

But no, you guys are right, Fox will probably screw this up as well!!!!!

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