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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
Iron Man 1: he needs a Gantry to put the suit on. Villain is a guy in an armour.

Iron Man 2: he still needs a gantry and has one weaker emergency armour that unfolds from a hefty suitcase. Villain is a guy with Electric whips who goes on to make own armour.

Iron Man 3: All lf his suits can be walked into and out of, can be remote controlled. His new one can somehow know exactly where to fly onto his body aswell as have rocket boosters in all the limbs even the mask. Villain is a guy who can breathe fire and glow and regrow limbs in seconds.

That's a big leap in the believability of the existing technology of the Iron Man series.

No it isn't, in fact it's no leap at all, and once again you're going out of you're way to twist things just so you can bi*** about the film some more.

You're completely (& deliberately) leaving out the rest of the MCU. Aliens, gods, enchanted hammers, Frost Giants, genetically engineered rage beasts & super soldiers, portals to other world's/galaxies.

The Mark VII in Avengers folded around Stark much the same way the armours in IM3 did.

Nothing in IM3 was out of line with what has been presented in the MCU.

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