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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

Silvermoth, If we're using Tumblr as a dipstick, it's more attractive men are the draw and kick ass women don't hurt. I'm sure we could draw some simple conclusions by looking at what video game release girls do and do not turn out in droves for.

One thing we may need to consider is that the female audience is not as simple or specific as the male audience. There is a Katniss-loving Twilight crowd. There is a GLaDOS-loving Portal crowd... they're not the same groups of women by any means. But the guys that went to see Expendables? They pretty much all went to see Avengers.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Are some people seriously arguing that Carol's movie would have to be similar to THG in order for young women to see it. That is both absurd and astoundingly presumptuous. Does every MALE superhero movie have to be like Batman to succeed, of course not and that's been proven time and time again. Making such broad assumptions about an audience makes little sense.
It actually hasn't. You'll find that most successful superhero movies have a number of things in common when you look past the surface (as we are in this thread), even beyond things that all action movies, or even all movies, have in common in order to be appealing. In such a case, making conclusions about the audience is only logical. We can explore those similarities if you like.

And the argument, to be clear, is that it would have to be similar to THG/Harry Potter/Twilight/etc in order to get that demographic to see it in large amounts. You can certainly get a different set of women by other means, but it may not be as large.

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