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Default Re: Official PlayStation Vita Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
they haven't given it a chance to grow and start selling. They just released a bunch if promising info and plans to make the Vita more attractive from the gaming announcements, price drop, new model, PS4 compatibility , etc.... All that could lead to a boost in Vita sales going into this holiday season but they did undercut the system with this device and its like they took several steps forward while going back at the same time

Adding HDMI out on the Vita wouldn't require a $100 accessory and would have consolidated this all and made more sense. The Vita TV kind of seems unnecessary as it doesn't seem capable of any functionality that the Vita can't already do. A video out feature is something that should have been added instead of requiring a $100 device to get something close to that. Heck I don't see why this is even necessary to play Vita games as the PS4 technically should
Well, that's an optimistic viewpoint to take, but the truth is that after nearly two years on the market, the Vita has really failed to find an audience. It's selling at a fraction of what the PSP was selling and getting steamrolled by the 3DS. Even with this massive price cut, it's still $30 more expensive than an OG 3DS, and $70 more than the upcoming 2DS. And that's all before the also super expensive memory cards. And even with the price point, there doesn't seem to be a lot of hype surrounding the machine even now. I won't say dead in the water, but it's definitely not making much waves.

I don't think Sony is putting this out there to intentionally undercut the Vita handheld sales, but I think they're looking more at what they need to do to move Vita software, and creating this very inexpensive device is probably the best bet, because they just aren't breaking into that with the handheld market by itself.

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