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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Count me in with those who aren't a fan of the ending of TDKRises. Even though I understood why Nolan chose to end it that way, which makes sense in the context of that whole trilogy. Plus the ending would've worked better if they hadn't killed Rachel in TDK. And having Bruce spend the rest of his life with her instead of Selina. Afterall at the end of Rises the day has come for Bruce to no longer need Batman so he and Rachel could be together. But apparantly it still does since Blake is taking over. I still wouldn't have been a fan if it went that way either, b/c I see Batman/Bruce as a tragic character. A happily ever after ending for Bruce isn't my cup of tea. Plus crime could erupt anytime in Gotham. As long as there's good there's also evil. Idk how Bruce believes Gotham's in good hands with Blake in charge. A cop without none of Bruce's training, intellect, and skills isn't enough, imo. I'd rather it ended differently without having Bruce retire twice. But it is what it is.

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