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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Ok, but over the span of an hour when you have to fill an entire soundtrack Williams can hit you with the main theme, but not much else.
Well that might be true for you.

How many songs can you name of Williams scores outside of the main theme for that movie. Take Superman The movie for example. You know the theme and not much else.
To name a few "Planet Krypton" (Krypton's theme/Jor-El's theme), "Leaving Home" (Smallville/Pa & Ma Kent's theme), "The Fortress Of Solitude" (again Krypton and Jor-El's theme), "March Of The Villains" (Luthor and his gang's theme), "Can You Read My Mind" (Lois Lane theme/love theme).

Now what about Zimmer MOS score. You know the name of almost every track on the soundtrack.
Can't comment b/c I don't own the MOS score. So I'm not familiar with any of the tracks.

Now you may say its because Williams Superman theme is that iconic you don't need to know the other tracks. Well, I'm here to tell you it's because they aren't memorable.
That's not true b/c I gave examples of other themes from S:TM above. Krypton has a theme, Smallville/Jonathan and Martha Kent have a theme, Luthor and his gang have a theme, Lois Lane has a theme. I find each of those memorable rather than "forgettable". Plus the sequels that followed used some of those themes I mentioned even Ottman's SR.

His main themes are great. The best ever. Zimmer is the better movie composer. His music can span over the course of a two hour film. The Last Samurai >> Any full album Williams has ever done.
Well that's your opinion. I don't see how MOS and TLS proves Zimmer's scores are better than Williams whole body of work. But to each his own. I honestly believe Williams just isn't your kind of composer. Especially if you find all of his scores "boring" and "forgettable" besides it's main themes. I believe Williams and many other composers music can span over the course of 2 hrs. And not just Zimmer's I might add.

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