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Default Re: Hans Zimmers: Scoring Bats vs Supes AND Batman?

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
Wow. You didn't like Begins either? That score was beautiful.
Tbh, I don't dislike his BB score. I think it's average for the most part. It might even be the best of TDKT scores, imho. I guess overtime I tacked it on with the other two scores. Especially hearing how the trilogy came out as a whole musically.The score feels like a psychological journey with Bruce Wayne than a Batman score, imo. Which isn't necessary a bad thing b/c I'm sure that was the movie's intention. I love the tender and more dramatic moments in the score that I assume was JNH's. I enjoy "Lasiurus" as well. But I guess my expectations were too high with it being a Zimmer and JNH collaboration.

TDK score is nothing more than a "guilty pleasure" than anything else for me. I personally think it could've better. Some of the tracks has some droning. I enjoyed JNH's Harvey Dent theme, even though it was a variation on one of the dozen motifs for Batman in BB. And I actually enjoyed Zimmer's "Like a Dog Chasing Cars" cue, I find the Joker motif to be repetitve and redundant at times. I personally believe "the clown prince of crime" deserved a better theme. Now sure that approach might've been effective in the movie, but on album not so much. There's only so much you can do with one or two notes.

I'm not a fan of Zimmer's TDKR, which is easily the weakest of the TDKT scores, imo. That score for the most part felt like it was riding on fumes with the recurring themes from the previous two. I thought his Bane chant was underutilized. His catwoman motif wasn't anything special for me either. I could tell JNH wasn't involved b/c it was lacking something. I couldn't in anyway connect with the score on an emotional level either. This score honestly felt lazy to me. And that's a shame with it being Batman's last adventure.

That's in a nutshell how I feel about the TDKT scores. It just doesn't connect to me on the same level as Elfman's, Walker's and Goldenthal's Batman scores have.

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