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Default Re: Official X-FACTOR Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Colossal Spoons View Post
Thanks, easily my fav superhero.
I always kinda liked him but War of Kings made me a fan. My favorite scene was in War of Kings 6 when Gladiator's holding the staff and the people are chanting him as their leader).

I'm stoked actually. I had my own War of Kings hardcover bound from individual comics and am waiting for it to come in later this week.

Together in one volume:

Illuminati 5
Secret Invasion: Inhumans 1-4
Secret Invasion: War of Kings one-shot
War of Kings: Darkhawk 1-2
War of Kings: Warriors (Blastaar story)
War of Kings: Ascension 1-4
War of Kings 1-6
War of Kings: Who Will Rule?

And I splice Ascension into WoK so that the two stories play out together, culminating with the Darkhawk/Talon and Blackbolt/Vulcan battles going back and forth.

I loved everything having to do with the Inhumans, Shi'ar, and Darkhawk, but felt the X-Men, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Skaar stories were distractions from the main plot (though I loved the X-Men and Nova stories separately). So I made a volume with the core story how I like it.

err... and now we bring you back to your regularly scheduled X-Factor conversation.

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