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Default Re: Worst Marvel Studio's movie so far?

Avengers having more votes than Iron Man is very interesting, especially considering Avengers seems to be the best MCU movie to a lot of people. Again I knew this poll would throw up some interesting results, and as I havent done it yet, here are my rankings:

1)The Avengers 10/10
2)Thor 9/10
3)Iron Man 9/10
4)Captain America 8/10
5)Iron Man 3 8/10 (though I do find my score dwindling everytime I watch this, I originally gave it a 9 upon my 1st viewing)
6)The Incredible Hulk 7.5/10
7)Iron Man 2 7/10

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Having watched all of the films recently, I'd have to put Thor at the bottom, simply because the story was rushed and Thor's character arc was really disappointing. When the main character gets very little development and the villain is given all of the best emotional material, the film has to be considered somewhat of a failure.

After I first saw Thor in the theater I knew that Loki was going to be a major hit with fans, whereas Thor himself wouldn't resonate as much. Why? Because Loki was made into a sympathetic character, his motivations were fully examined and people felt drawn to him because his pain was so real. Thor, in contrast, went from brash braggart to remorseful son without as much in the way of great emotional scenes or interactions that would show us how and why he had changed. Add to that the underdeveloped Thor/Jane relationship and too little time with the Warriors Three and you have a film that was unsatisfying on a deeper level although it was a good superhero movie.

This is definitely not to say that I don't like Thor or think it is a bad film. It simply isn't as fully realized as the other MCU films. That is down to the script because the acting from everyone was fine, as was the direction. Chris Hemsworth is the perfect Thor and it's a shame that he got shortchanged in his own film. Hopefully the next one will do better by Thor himself, instead of expending too much energy on Loki.
Really? He was stripped of his powers and abandoned on a strange planet, the hammer was sent to him but when he went to reclaim it was told he was unworthy of, THEN he was told he was responsible for the death of his father and his mother had forbidden his return home.

That would change anyone, then he was later told that this was all lies by his brother, who he loved, and that same brother then sent the destroyer to kill him and his best friends, it succeeded in killing him as well.

Now, i'll agree with the criticism that this all happened too fast, it being spread over a month would have been better, but all of those things would change anyone from an arrogant oaf to someone a bit more humble and caring.

2018 movie ratings out of 10:

1) Black Panther-9(2)The Shape of Water-8.5(3)Tomb Raider-7