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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

The Hunger Games and Twilight appealed to women for very, very different reasons.

Twilight's lead female can hardly even be called a character. She's a blank slate, a that the reader can put herself in that role and imagine that two sexy men are fighting over her. The brilliance of Twilight was writing it in such a way that Bella could have been any of the female readers.

Notice that all of the movies that adapted other young adult novels that romanticized Horror concepts have bombed. It seems that the fanbase sniffed out that these were just cash grabs that used a formula to try to get the Twilight readers.

The Hunger Games is different. That story presents a strong female lead who was not overly sexualized. In fact...when you look back at great female characters in Ripley and Sarah Connor...these are characters that act like strong, determined humans, not sexual playthings written to appeal to 13 year old boys. OF COURSE women don't turn out for most female-led heroic films...those films are written and filmed to titillate teenage boys. It's always slow-mo shots focusing on their anatomy in skimpy clothes.

So...Marvel's best bet is to learn something from Hunger Games (and Alien and T2). Present a smart, strong, not overly sexualized character.

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