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Default Re: What is your favorite "final battle" in the MCU?

Well since the poll question asks which would be your favorite, for me that would be the Flying wing sequence from CA:TFA. Might as well rank them all and my reasons why.

1. Captain America:TFA- Of all the sequences listed, this one is far and away my favorite. Much like Captain America himself, this whole movie feels a little out of place in time. Aside from the visual effects the style of action is very low key, very different from contemporary action films. Feels almost like this film is pre-Matrix age from the mid to late '90s. They don't make many films like this anymore. Some may feel the action is lacking or dated, and while I can see that for me it's all about the nostalgia.

The entire sequence is the culmination of the loving reference/homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark. You have the flying wing, a villain dispatched by propeller, even Red Skull's "demise" via the "artifact" is pretty much exactly how every Indy Big Bad get's it. I love that kinda stuff. The actual fight between Cap and Red Skull is perhaps not the "best" fight of the MCU, but it's still satisfying for me in an old school kinda way. Cap even gets to use his shield as the finishing blow that knocks Skull back and the zero-g stuff and the sky imagery and top of the world shots. Yep. My favorite final battle.

2. Iron man- This is another one of my favorites. The whole finale with Stane/Iron Monger is probably the most satisfying of the final confrontations in the Iron Man trilogy. I love the whole David vs. Goliath dynamic they got going on and how the fight transitions from the brawl in the street, then a chase into the sky and then finally the showdown on the roof of the reactor building. Stane's ultimate swan dive into the arc reactor was spectacularly satisfying and explosive. I like how Tony was at a clear disadvantage for pretty much the entire fight. Clearly my favorite Iron Man final battle and #2 favorite overall.

3. The Avengers- Without a doubt this clearly the most "epic" of the final battles so far in the MCU and as such not surprising it's the leading sequence for the poll. This is my third favorite overall. Probably because we get to see all our heroes fighting together and basically it's like a second movie Captain America Thor, third Iron man (movie), etc. While aside from Loki all the other enemies are just cannon or in this case Avenger fodder. Loved the bits where Cap was taking charge. Also liked some of the more brutal parts. Hawkeye blowing Chitauri to pieces, Thor rolling a taxi into a bunch and Hulk smashing them into buildings. Loki's comeuppance takes the cake. There's debate I've heard if that should have stopped Loki, but either way for I thought it was satisfying and amusing. He was just stunned really badly for a bit.

4. Thor- The final confrontation at the bifrost between Thor and Loki would be my fourth favorite. I just love the surreal imagery of the setting with the ocean and the crystalline bridge and all the celestial space-scapes both above and below. The stakes are high enough with an entire world in jeopardy and also very intimate with the sibling rivalry seemingly reaching it's penultimate moment. This one is a very contemporary super powered fantasy fight which is very different from the final battle in CA:TFA from the same year. The two scenes both contrast and complement one another for me in the overall MCU. I like this sequence very much and for the most part I found it a satisfying final confrontation.

5. Iron man 3- If were to make list the final confrontations in the Iron man trilogy this would be #2 after the fight with Stane. I know a lot of people didn't like "The Kil-andarin", and I won't argue with them about if they feel they messed that one up from the source material, but for me personally I loved the twist and how the character turned out. But that's just me. I already figured Guy Pearce was going to be a sinister villain from seeing the first trailer but the fact that they kept his role largely a totally secret till just about right before the release and honestly even though it looked like Kinsley was going to be an Awesome Mandarin, I was interested in seeing what they were going to do with Pearce's Killian. I figured more chance that Killain would meet some brutal and nasty demise than Mandarin who I figured they might go the Ra's Al Ghul or Loki route and make it ambiguous and bring him back later. I like evil business men type characters because, aside from Justin Hammer they usually really pay for their crimes, especially in James Bond type-adventure movies, which no question the Iron man films are and to a certain extent the rest of the MCU as well.

As for the actual final battle. The stakes are there with the President and later Pepper under threat of live cremation via oil tanker which implications are suitably brutal and unnerving. Burning alive in my opinion is one of the worst ways to go. This is probably a bit more epic in scope overall than the ending of the first Iron man, but at the same it's also stretched a little thin. We have Stark's army of Iron man suits coming to his aid to take out the extremis soldiers which while fun and brutal at times, The Avengers final confrontation edges this one out, but just by a hair. The actual confrontation with Killain is satisfying. A good hand to hand or is should it be hand to glove/armour? lol fight. It feels like the actual fight between Tony and Killian could have lasted just a few seconds longer but overall with everything going in the sequence already and then with Pepper finishing the job it just about evens out okay for me. Some really ouchie moments for Killian.

6. The Incredible Hulk- This one is tough for me. I don't hate or dislike this sequence at all. In fact overall I think the movie is rather brilliant in that it is both a new stand alone reboot and also in a way it does pick up kinda where the first Movie left off with Banner in South America. At the same time I just never could get into this movie the way I did with other MCU films. Not that I don't like the Hulk character, I actually like Hulk '03. I don't know what it is. I would say overall I like this movie about as much as the first Hulk. The fight with Abomination is brutal, it's long, and for the most part satisfying and very much in the style of contemporary super powered action. It's a worthy fight. No doubt about it. Maybe because it's a fight between two giant monsters, that's makes a little different from most of the other final battles which are for the most part standard. I see don't anything wrong with this sequence. It's just not a favorite for me.

7. Iron man 2- Without a doubt the weakest final battle of the Iron man trilogy and possibly the MCU. I still kinda like the ending and while and can't say I hate it or anything, it's clearly my least favorite and it's no where near as satisfying as the other two films. Part of the problem is that this time Tony and Rhodes seemed way too over-powered and Vanko and his drones were pretty easy to kill/destroy. Infact overall Vanko is a kinda weak enemy in the film, hate to say it. The final battle in the dome garden area with the Asian garden imagery evokes almost like something out of a ninja or samurai flick. There are some moments I really liked that were suitably brutal but the problem is it's all over in a flash. And then when Vanko show's up in his seemingly badass Crimson Dynamo suit with energy whips and the "ex-wife" bouncing off him like nothing I was expecting something epic like the fight against Stane from the first movie but no. They trade a couple blows, jump around a bit, then Vanko has them both on the ends of his whip, they fire repulsors and then boom... it's over. "You lose"...I don't me it feels like they ran of time or money to do a longer sequence or something like that. Vanko just came across as way too weak a final villain especially after the fight Stane put up in the first film. The first fight with Whiplash in Monaco was better in my opinion, but even then the fight was practically over as soon as Tony hopped in his armor. While I still like the movie, this is clearly for me the weakest final battle and my least favorite.

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