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Originally Posted by Superman Earth1 View Post
I get Guardian takes place six months after but I want to see something that shows what happened the day after the show went off. I want to see what the worlds reaction to him was and how he greeted the public and what his first big issue was after revealing himself. Also Guardian still had GA so I don't look at it to much as a solo book. I want something where it is just Clark and Lois and Lex and Superman no Tess and the rest of the bunch. I also would love to see Superman/Clark meet up with or visit Lana again now that she has lost the suit. I would love to see them talk.
The hatchet was buried with Lana back in Season 8, no need to go back to that. I wouldn't mind seeing world reactions to Superman particularly from the many meteor freaks Clark put away, but we've moved passed that and I'm good where we are. Part of what makes this comic separate from a Superman comic with Smallville skin is the inclusion of fan favorite characters like Tess, Ollie, Chloe etc. Having that element genuinely give that feel that this is a continuation of the show. I'd miss that if that happens.

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