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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

^ Great post and I agree. The counterpoint to that is usually that comic book Bane is superior because he's more of a one man sheer force of will, but he always felt like more of a plot device in Knightfall than a character to me. Especially with the hackneyed "I dreamt of a bat" thing.

I love Vengeance of Bane though for the most part though. The idea of Bane serving out the prison sentence for his revolutionary father is great, and I think it's kind of cool that Bane is the revolutionary himself in TDKR. And he's been portrayed as a terrorist and a LOS collaborator in the comics before too.

Honestly, I really felt the movie drew a lot on the source material for Bane but put all these little bits and pieces in a blender and came up with something cool and different. I just think it's cool that they managed to do that with a C (B at best) villain with very few total comic appearances in the grand scheme of things and make him feel like an A villain.

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