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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

MCU won't be rebooting DD in 2016. Now DD cameoing in ASM 3? Highly likely if this merger is legit. King Pin may also be a major player in ASM 3 or ASM 4. So I think we could be looking at a Spidey/DD crossover in ASM 4. That would be BIG. Something people have wanted for a while. A merging of brands. I think Spidey is going to need an Avengers-lite roster to contend with the Sinister 6. DD, BC, maybe some other characters in the mix. It is consistent with Vin's quotes.

Inhumans/GoTG/Avengers merging is not consistent with those quotes in anyway shape or form, but it is possible Vin just misspoke. But then we'd just be assuming he's an idiot from a fanboy perspective and is not privy to anything going on behind the scenes, which is highly doubtful. That may be the case, but I don't take Vin for an idiot and do not think he completely misspoke or misinterpreted whatever he heard.

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