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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

The reasons just weren't that different. Some people enjoy the standoffish introverted personality, some prefer the forward extroverted personality, most people enjoy both at one time or another. Or are you saying young women didn't strongly identify with Katniss because she wasn't a blank slate? That her love triangle is not appealing in the same way that Twilight's was? They took the core of what people enjoyed about Twilight (as opposed to just the setting or surface stuff) and put it in a different setting...

And of course, the great part is, that's not what happened at all, they just made a good story with a young female hero and in that process, several commonalities emerged that can be thought of as parts of a good story with a young heroine.

If Marvel learns from those films, they should also learn that it's not about the fight scenes, but about maximizing the tension, both social and physical, and that its okay for a stronger man to save your female characters to emphasize their vulnerability, and that these characters are best resolved when they win the day with clever resourcefulness, as opposed to beating up the bad guy, again emphasizing that they are both strong *and* vulnerable.

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