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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I'm a huge fan of both Remender and Yost's run, and like Wolverines role in X-Force. So no I would not care if they went that route.

Luckily I enjoy it all, so it's gonna be hard to disappoint me. The only thing that would piss me off is not including Deadpool or Cable.
There have already been rumors of fox seeing Cable as the wolverine of X-force so I think Cable Is likely.

Wolverine could be In film,and with uncanny X-force that's not exactly new thing to include him,or he may not be In film If they really want noone who has been In mansion to be In X-force.That would also rule out colossus and Angel
as well as Wolverine.

If the Avengers could be top grossing comic book film and be cross between Ultimates and 616 Avengers then crossing early 1990's X-force and Uncanny
X-force Is hardly shocking.

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