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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
^ Great post and I agree. The counterpoint to that is usually that comic book Bane is superior because he's more of a one man sheer force of will, but he always felt like more of a plot device in Knightfall than a character to me. Especially with the hackneyed "I dreamt of a bat" thing.
I disagree. I hear people say that a lot but I think there is a world of difference between Bane in Knightfall and, for example, Doomsday in Death of Superman.

Doomsday was literally just a big monster with no character whatsoever that popped out of nowhere and killed Superman. It was an entire plot device to get Superman killed and to get people in real life and in the DC universe to react to that. On the other hand, Bane studied Batman for months and looked for whatever weaknesses he has, whatever his strengths were, what his identity could possibly be, and then came up with a complete tactical plan to beat him down. He also had an actual character - having full respect for those who defeated him in battle, having a philosophy (i.e. "breaking a man is worse than killing him"), etc. - and the story of Knightfall was pitched more around the idea "What if Batman encountered someone who is his physical and mental match?", whereas Death of Superman was more pitched around the idea "What if Superman died and how can we kill him off?"

In other words, I feel Bane has earned the right to do to Batman what he did. He beat him fair and square with no deus ex machina plot devices. I don't think it's fair to call him a plot device due to that. The same can't be said about other plot devices (such as Doomsday) IMO.

Also, the concept of Bane didn't come out of nowhere either. The Venom drug appeared in 2 stories prior to Knightfall, one of which had Batman addicted to the drug (Batman: Venom). Bane also played a larger role in the story of Knightfall after the back-break than Doomsday did in Death of Superman after Superman's death. It wasn't until Azrael's defeat of Bane when Bane was no longer important but that happened a while after the bat-break.

I know I turned this into a Bane vs. Doomsday debate a bit but I felt it was the best way to defend Bane.

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