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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Hmmm... since you picked me to necro I'm not at all convinced that women are strongly interested in Marvel films on their own. If the majority were women, that would support that statement, but 40% could be any mixture of independent interest, tagalongs, compromises and bandwagoning. Bringing the guys often brings the women.

Your reasoning might make sense if the demographic breakdown for Marvel's audience were more like that of the Twilight films. Twilight's demo breakdown is 80/20 females to males, which clearly shows that males are not drawn to the franchise. In contrast, THG's demos are almost the exact reverse of Marvel's, 61/39 female to male, where Marvel draws 60/40 male to female. In both of those instances, the franchises draw most of their audience from one sex but also have appeal for the opposite sex.

Another interesting thing about Twilight is that women over 25 made up the largest portion of its audience, rather than teen/tween girls. Fot THG, the age split was 56% older than 25, 44% younger. Both of those facts are mildly surprising to me since conventional wisdom (and the premise of this thread) is that both franchises cater primarily to the young female crowd. Statistics prove that this assumption is a bit off the mark.

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor and Loki all have female fans, just as Katniss has male ones. Bella and her sparkly vampires only had females in their corner, however, with a few males caught up in the maelstrom.

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