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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
Could be the only way he takes them down by himself. I don't see it going that way if Spidey joins the MCU.

Of course, should Spidey join the MCU and they have a few street level Marvel characters to help him, they are going to need a Phil Coulson type to get them together.
I dunno, I agree with those who are saying Spidey would still be a lone wolf (even though, if this *is* actually about Sony and Marvel Studios sharing the sandbox, the drumbeat for Spidey to join the Bendisvengers would be louder than ever). Yes, he might team up with DD or other Marvel characters from time to time, but I wouldn't expect him to pick a team or get an entourage of sidekicks like in the current Disney cartoon.

Honestly, other than an initial crossover movie (or two) to welcome Spidey into the MCU, I wouldn't look for a Sony-Marvel shared universe to be overly impactful of the other studio in any way. I strongly doubt you'd start seeing Spidey pop up in the Avengers or swing (literally) through a Cap or Iron Man film, nor see Hulk or Thor drop in for a cameo in a TASM flick. Instead, the overlap would likely be a lot more subtle --- Stark tech showing up in a TASM movie; Cap reading a Daily Bugle; etc.


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