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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I don't know about the USA but around here there are many male fans who enjoy Twilight, and most who went to see The Expendables 2 didn't go watch The Avengers, they liked old school action with guns, not super heroes fighting aliens and an entire hour of character development.

Major diference between Twilight and The Hunger Games is that THG is much better written, as is the main character and plot, Katniss has a society fighting for her? Not really, her acts inspired a revolution, and unlike with Bella, with Katniss actions have consequences. As the following movies will show she won't exactly have a sugar coated happy ending.

And Marvel has mostly caught this demographic already, their movies have a lot of female fans, Robert Downey Junior has captivated people, she has many fan girls due to his personality, So does Captain America for that matter, Thor obviously has Loki and Thor himself idn't that far behind in fangirls.

If anything it's in the comics that they need to get a bigger female audience.
I'd agree with the bold. But her inspiring a revolution and people fighting for her aren't actually different things. I don't think the numbers support the idea that they've mostly got this demographic simply because they have got some of this demographic.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
And frankly, you're talking about the relationship stuff, which was a minor subplot in The Hunger Games. Twilight was ALL love story. Iron Man 3 is more of a love story than The Hunger Games...yet you likely don't define that movie by the love story. As Lord mentioned, Katniss is basically leading/inspiring a revolution. She happens to like a guy at the same time.

You are basically suggesting that all female lead characters are defined by their love story...and that is not the path that Marvel should go down. Yes, cast a cute guy to develop into a love interest (because every freaking movie has to). But the point should be to have a strong leading character that is NOT scantily clad and constantly showing off slow motion butt and boob shots.
This "minor subplot" in THG caused her to win the Hunger Games in a way that made her a revolutionary, which then sets up for a love triangle that will define the fate of the world, basically. It's very much love-interest driven.

IM3 was similar in that the regard, except with only one love interest. People may not have noticed or felt that the plot was largely driven by his relationship, but it most certainly was, that's why his argument with the bad guy wasn't about the fate of the world, it was about his girl, and why it was so satisfying for his girlfriend to beat the bad guy.

What I am directly observing is that these characters that appeal to this demographic have love triangles that strongly influence the plot. Nothing less, nothing more. Don't minimize it to just having "a" love interest or expand it to defining the character, that's not what was said, so there's no reason to take that away as your understanding of what was said.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Your reasoning might make sense if the demographic breakdown for Marvel's audience were more like that of the Twilight films. Twilight's demo breakdown is 80/20 females to males, which clearly shows that males are not drawn to the franchise. In contrast, THG's demos are almost the exact reverse of Marvel's, 61/39 female to male, where Marvel draws 60/40 male to female. In both of those instances, the franchises draw most of their audience from one sex but also have appeal for the opposite sex.

Another interesting thing about Twilight is that women over 25 made up the largest portion of its audience, rather than teen/tween girls. Fot THG, the age split was 56% older than 25, 44% younger. Both of those facts are mildly surprising to me since conventional wisdom (and the premise of this thread) is that both franchises cater primarily to the young female crowd. Statistics prove that this assumption is a bit off the mark.

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor and Loki all have female fans, just as Katniss has male ones. Bella and her sparkly vampires only had females in their corner, however, with a few males caught up in the maelstrom.
Interesting. Thank you for looking that stuff up. (Where do you find those kinds of numbers, btw?) It sounds like the audience is different than what we thought it was, but the principles discussed still seem to apply.

The same reasoning goes for THG and the male audience, yes, there are male fans, but that number could also be any mixture of compromises and bandwagons. To take that this movie didn't turn off dudes like Twilight did and then say that, thus, it has strong appeal with guys, I don't think that's the right way to put it. Because if the movie didn't appeal to women, I don't think as many guys would have gone and seen it. Same with Avengers on the opposite hand.

No one's arguing that these movies don't have fans of the opposite sex... but I don't buy that every man that went to see THG was a Katniss fan, nor was every woman that went to see Avengers a fan of whoever. What I think the goal of the thread is to get those women (whatever age they are) to come out in Twilight/Hunger Games numbers to a Marvel film, while keeping the guys. That would be a blockbuster movie, that would be a female actioner that made a billion dollars. That's the golden bell. Can it be rung... because it's not being rung now, even though there are some female fans of Avengers.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Makes total sense. No one is more likely to want to place themselves in a love triangle with two sexy men who are hopelessly in love with her more than lonely, unhappy or unsatisfied women.
Ouch. That's a little harsh. Can't people just like a good love story? A little desirability wish fulfillment? And why older women gotta be single? Dang.

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