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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

How can Vin be Thanos if he is already another character in GotG? I think he can only play one voice/CGI character and one live action character.

As far as a Spidey team up for Sinister 6, I think if you team Spidey with characters like Iron Fist and Cage, you need a Heroes for Hire film before ASM 4. I would drop BP from PIII if that's the case, and stick HfH in 2017. DD needs to be introduced again, but not with his own movie. Cameo of Murdock is good enough.

Another key is that Marvel/Sony are positioning ASM 4 for for the prime Marvel release spot first weekend of May. Disney may want a piece of that action, so the studios may venture in a joint production, or co-distribution. I still think Sony will be 100% financing the film, but I think the MCU will want to give exposure to street level heroes, and that may be worth considering for Sony, just to make ASM 4 something more than just another Spidey flick.

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