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Default Re: The Twilight/Hunger Games demographic

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
40% of the audience of the Avengers is a big number, possibly as big as the number of women that went to see the twilight movies, so yeah, i think it has caught the female audience very well. They have made all this success because they appeal to various markets.
And possibly not?

But you do happen to have a point, based on xeno's percentages, the number of women at Avengers isn't *that* much less than the number of women at Twilight. That said... are they the same women, or does it matter? Women are women, so there?

THG is one film that went after that crowd, and certainly did better than the first Twilight film, so we'll see how it does over four films. If it doubles like Twilight's series did, then THG on its own will be in the 1.5 billion range, and likely with that same 60/40 ratio, and then perhaps we'll have this discussion again about how Avengers' 40% female audience does not capture the female audience like films aimed at that audience do.

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