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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Setup: Batman is investigating a secret smuggling operation at the Gotham Harbor en route to Metropolis. It's being funded by Luthor and involves Bruno Mannheim's protection. What Batman doesn't know is that these shipments contain fragments and shards of Kryptonite that have covertly been recovered from the bottom of Gotham Bay by Lexcorp.

Setting: The Batcave.


Batman: What makes matters even more interesting is the fact that Intergang are overseeing this little soirée. They're all bona fide thugs and murderers, with the police records and other intel I've gathered over months of surveillance to prove it. Using and harboring advanced weapons technology. Which, by the way Alfred, I've researched as well. That weaponry can't be found anywhere else on Earth that I know of...alien in nature.

Alfred: Perhaps the weapons are a product of Lexcorp, sir.

Batman: Perhaps. Lex has been reaching new heights with his creations ever since scavenging the Kryptonian technology left behind from the disaster. But I can't help but think that this particular technology is out of his league. Out of anyone's league on this planet, really...all except for him.

Alfred: Him?

Batman: The Kryptonian.

Alfred: Ah, yes, the Kryptonian. Superman, they're calling him. Seems like a fine enough chap to me. Without him, the attack on Metropolis would've been drastically more severe. He saved a lot of lives that day.

Batman: And with him, everyone in that city is afraid to step out their homes. You can't possibly be doing this right now, old man.

Alfred: Damn right I am. He's given those Metropolites hope, Bruce. The sorrows of the past are behind them and they're now looking to brighter days. After all, it was Superman who stopped the rogue Kryptonians.

Batman: With murder. He put an end to his own kind. Imagine what he'd do to us humans.

Alfred: With justice. He did what he had to do, there was no prison that could hold General Zod. And for someone who stands a chance of obliterating the human species, he seems astonishingly concerned with our well-being. You saw the news coverage.

Batman: Murder isn't justice, Alfred. I'm Justice...besides, the news puts on a dog and pony show to put the public at ease from time to time. Sensationalists and manipulators of the media. They can't be completely trusted. Superman seems suspiciously concerned with our well-being. Too concerned; like a room that's too quiet. It's unsettling. Who's side are you on, anyway?

Alfred: I'll always be in your corner, Bruce, but you have to realize this isn't about sides. You and Superman are two sides of the same coin, you just have different methods. If you weren't so intelligent, I'd think that these conspiracy theories were rotting your brain and driving you to self-induced solitary confinement.

Batman: Solitary confinement would imply that I was imprisoned.

Alfred: Aren't you? Face the truth, you're chained here. To this cave of yours, relentlessly toiling away all day and night.

Batman: Not chained, Alfred. Focused. Prepared.

Alfred: Not that blasted "P" word again. I think it's your favorite one starting with a "P"...either that or Paranoia. Been awake for five days straight, haven't you? Preparing for this night. Just how do you plan on intervening in this smuggling operation, anyway?

Batman: First, I'm going to find out what Lex is keeping in those crates. Then I'm having a personal man-to-bat talk with Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim; Intergang's unfearless leader. He'll bleed information on Luthor and his dirty dealings under the table. This all ends tonight, it's time to take out the garbage.

Alfred: Just be careful out there, Bruce. I hear Mannheim can be quite the devil.

Batman: Which is why you send a demon like me after him, Alfred. I eat scum like Mannheim for breakfast.

Alfred: Can't imagine that leaves a great taste in the mouth, sir. Speaking of which, breakfast is in the AM...just be here, all right?

Batman: Right. I'll be back before the sun is up. You know how I like my eggs.

Alfred: The same way you like your criminals. Scrambled.

Batman: You know me too well.

Alfred: I've been your butler for all your life, sir. Comes naturally. Besides, we both know sunny-side up wouldn't agree with your persona. Good luck.

Batman: Don't need luck, Alfred. Superstition is a gateway to fear. Let the cowardly criminals wallow in it...but I really do appreciate it, old man.

Alfred: Anytime, Batman. Now go out there and kick some ass.

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