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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

^ That's the problem. Every movie is all about Wolverine. Up to now I've been good with that, but it's becoming overkill. You want to include him for sales, give him a small role in one scene. Something like I indicated earlier (above) where he is a combat officer training some of the kids at the mansion (who will become members of X-Force). But he should not be a main character.

X-Force is all about Cable, and that is where the focus needs to be! And you can't have two leaders, so they really need to make a choice. Either go with Cable (the good choice) or go with the Wolverine is Cable (the bad choice).

Now for Deadpool...

Yes, he is a fan favorite, and I've been wanting him to have his own movie for a while. Even the Ryan Reynolds version can work (as long as they get rid of the stupid swords in his arms and the stupid optic blasts coming out of his eyes). Healing factor, yes. Super dexterity, oh yeah! Teleportation... fine, I guess. But those stupid swords have to go! Any chance we can get him to meet up with the Silver Samarai?

But again, Deadpool deserves his own movie, way more than say Guardians of the Galaxy does. And how cool would it be for Deadpool (with the suit and mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !) breaking the fourth wall? That is Deadpool! As long as they don't over do it it would come off so cool...

Also, Deadpool could be a great secondary villain if they went with an X-Force origins (forming) movie first. Like I've said, start with a couple of New Mutants (Cannonball and Boom Boom please), have them leave the mansion and some how hook up with Cable, Domino and one other (maybe Psylocke - in place of Shatterstar?). Deadpool could simply be a hired mercenary that they have to fight, which brings him into the movie and allows him to be inducted into X-Force at the start of the second movie.

Just imagine Cable calling the team together and saying "I want to introduce you to our new team member" and it's Deadpool... Could be a good scene.

Still think Emma and the Hellions could be a great first movie villain group which takes care of the origin of X-Force and then opens the doors to Styfe and the Mutant Liberation Front and so many other good villains/groups.

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