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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux - Part 2

Some of the interesting/Thor related tweets from the chat:


Question from Terri Bear @terrigirl_md
#TomQandA @twhiddleston A lot of emphasis has been on Loki's relationship with Odin and Thor; how do you see his relationship with Frigga?

Answer from Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston
@terrigirl_md Frigga is the only one who still cares; the only one who sees the good in him. Everyone else has let him go. #TomQandA

Question from Unicorns Assemble @ItalianLokiArmy
#TomQandA @twhiddleston Care to share a few titles in Loki's 'prison library'?

Answer from Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston
.@ItalianLokiArmy I always liked the idea of Frigga sending a few Midgardian greats. Proust: "A la recerche de temps perdus"... #TomQandA

(continued answer) Plato's Repubic. Shadows on the cave... A perfect metaphor for his imprisonment; the perpetual state of waking fear...

(continued answer again) Alan Taylor suggested The Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci. #TomQandA

Question from Ita Mënher XJ Nurse @itaMenherZednan
@twhiddleston How to work with Anthony Hopkins? #TomQandA

Answer from Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston
.@itaMenherZednan Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors alive. It's an incredible honour to work with him, every time. @ThorMovies

(continued answer) He is also full of so many wonderful stories about his time as a young actor working with Sir Laurence Olivier. #TomQandA

Question from Gabrielle @almostgaby
Its often said that there is no Loki without Thor & no Thor without Loki, do you see the relationship that way as well #TomQandA

Answer from Tom Hiddleston @twhiddleston
.@almostgaby I couldn't have put it better myself. "There is no Loki without Thor & no Thor without Loki". #TomQandA
Edit: Full transcript of the twitter chat can be found here:

Hill:Then aliens invaded New York & were beaten back, by among others, a giant green monster, a costumed hero from the 40's...and a god
Ward: I don't think Thor is technically a god.
Hill: haven't been near his arms.
~Agents of SHIELD

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