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Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
There's been plenty of suggestions to this effect; but what makes Ultron's story unique to Hank Pym is the whole oedipus complex that develops between Mommy (Janet Van Dyne), Daddy (Hank Pym), and Son (Ultron). It's a twisted Freudian freakshow, but it's really what's driven Ultron all along over the decades.

If you throw away Ultron's connection to Hank Pym, you turn him into just another Killer Robot. If you keep the Pym connection, then there's a really chilling psychodrama going on there between Creator and Created, with Pym as the "failed" hero who never can seem to live up to the high standards of his all-star comrades, Ultron as his greatest (and simultaneously worst) creation, and Janet as the object of *both* their (often unwanted) affections.

Ultron just doesn't work on a psychological level with anybody but Pym. Pym has to be his creator, and Janet has to be his oedipus complex. That's what separates his story from the usual Killer Robot stereotype.
Thank you. Brilliantly put.

There is no excuse for the way Marvel has treated Hank Pym. Not only has he been robbed already of his status as one of the most important member on the team by making him appear so late into the game, but robbing him from Ultron has also robbed him of all of his most interesting character arcs.

The way Marvel is treating Hank Pym is no different than how Fox treated Cyclops, maybe even a bit worse. Both major members on each respective team who both had their importance to their team downplayed and were robbed of their most interesting aspects. But of course that Marvel gets away with it.

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