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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 3

Have you got you web fluid ready where it can hold when it is realesed and stick to hold a couple hundred pound?
Mine is with co2 or some other compressed air but I thought about fluid web that when it hits air it hardens into web but could not find chemicals like that but mine was I was going to make a web cartridge out of some thin strong bungee jumping cord and some fast curring glue that is strong so the bungge is shot out by the co2 or compressed air and hit with the adhesive before it leaves my other one is using natural thin like have you guys ever heard of the Darwin bark spider it has extremely strong web I was wondering if I can turn web back into its fluid state and put it into a cartridge or use it as it is and make web lines out of it and put it in the cartridge either ways fine which ever is better but the bark spiders web is ten times stronger than Kevlar but the spider is in Madagascar

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