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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

No. I mean, I wouldn't mind a namedrop since it's not so bad but I don't see him showing up or even mentioned.

The solo film is a different story. I think for that, they need to have it so Dick recently left Gotham as Nightwing (he can make a cameo in the movie which could hype up a Nightwing spin-off). And Jason Todd has come and gone within the year leading into Batman vs Superman.

Why? That way they can say Dick is gone and evolved, Jason has WB doesn't have to physically show a young Robin fighting alongside Batman in these movies yet they exist. Bruce would have a mentality of "never again, im doing this on my own from now on". Pre-Tim Drake.

The last thing I want is A) to crowd Batman vs Superman with Gotham City characters and B) have Bats teaming up with heroes in these crossovers then he goes back to Gotham for the solo movies and guess what? They're not really solo movies because he's once again teaming up with costumed heroes/sidekicks.

No Bat-Family in this movie.

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