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Default Re: Max Fleischer Superman or Bruce Timm Superman, which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Super Kal View Post
the Fleischer Superman cartoons all the way... Bruce Timm wimpified Superman to a new level purposefully.

the Fleischer cartoons will always be timeless, and no other superman cartoon has even come close to matching the animation level that the Fleischer cartoons had.
I agree. There will NEVER be a better non-comic book interpretation than the Fleischer toons IMO, only second to STM.

Bruce Timm seemed like he didn't know what to do with Superman. It almost seems like he doesn't get the character. You can't blame the bad parts of that series on writers as THEY HAD PAUL DINI!

The reason why some fans come down on Batman 89 so hard since the Nolan films have been released is 2 fold: the Nolan films are newer and fans of the actual books don't read the 70's and 80's source material that the 89 film was based upon to understand how much more pure the 89 film is compared to the modern crime-drama trilogy that Nolan created.
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