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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1


I agree with Hambone. Even if we see Steve meeting Sharon and perhaps them flirting a little in this, it won't matter because Steve will have a much more meaningful connection to Natasha. Even if their intention is to eventually make Sharon the female lead in future movie, it seems likely given what we know that their plan is going to change.

Pretty much, if Marvel truly wants to have Sharon as Steve's future love interest, they're not really putting much effort into it. Which leads me to think of two possibilities;

a) Natasha as Steve's love interest was the plan from the start. Sharon was there as a red herring, but given how people noticed her lack of involvement and the dirth of Natasha's from set pics and so on, they're not trying to hide it as much.

b) Or they're trying to talk up Natasha and Steve's connection to set up a twist of some kind. She's most assuredly got a bigger role, but perhaps Natasha isn't as loyal a friend as one might be led to believe.

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