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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
It's almost like a technicality at this point. As long as she gets those memories, experiences and emotion associated with them, she's pretty much Jean back. I see it similar to the Illyana situation. She isn't the original character that was introduced in the 80s but she's treated as such and we don't bat an eye at that. If this Jean stays and takes her place among the Xmen with her history intact as part of her past, its pretty much a very similar scenario
It's a small point perhaps but didn't teen Jean just get those memories from Beast? So surely all she really has is the memories and associated emotions that Beast had/felt about Jean's experiences, not what Jean herself went through. To me that seems a little bit closer to what Carol Danvers had in the 80s after Rogue stole her memories. Carol eventually got them back but without the emotions she felt that went with the memories - something she was very bitter about at the time. For me, the only way teen Jean could replace modern/dead Jean would be if she had the memories, experiences and emotions that Jean herself had, not someone else's view on them.

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