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Default Re: "Merging of Brands"?

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
Any chance "merger of brands" means Inhumans and Avengers?
Not really, unless it is angled with the FF or some other type of crossover between parallel studios. Not something people have wanted for a long time either, even for comic book junkies. Inhumans may very well be a standalone series but there is really nothing to merge there that wouldn't already be incorporated in a would be Avengers movie down the road for PIII or beyond, with the Kree/Skull war or whatever. I don't even think Marvel wants to do Kree/Skrull in PIII although Inhumans may get an altered origin, in which case, you can link them to the Avengers via GoTG or some other Marvel platform, or through an Inhumans origin film. The point is, the Inhumans is being developed as a brand within the existing MCU at Disney. There is nothing that is merging and nothing fans have been pining for ever since the project went into development, since the expectation was it was always to be under the same MCU umbrella.

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