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Originally Posted by slim_summers View Post
It's a small point perhaps but didn't teen Jean just get those memories from Beast? So surely all she really has is the memories and associated emotions that Beast had/felt about Jean's experiences, not what Jean herself went through. To me that seems a little bit closer to what Carol Danvers had in the 80s after Rogue stole her memories. Carol eventually got them back but without the emotions she felt that went with the memories - something she was very bitter about at the time. For me, the only way teen Jean could replace modern/dead Jean would be if she had the memories, experiences and emotions that Jean herself had, not someone else's view on them.
Yep, she has Beast's memories of those events. Its equivalent to someone telling you a story. She doesnt have the experience and emotions of having lived through them; only what she was able to gather from Beast's POV. If they wanted her to have that a more efficient means would have been to have her touch Jean's holempathic crystal as that contains an imprint of her essence. Or have her bond with the PF, but its best they stay away from that. What we are seeing now with Teen Jean is much different than when Jean merged with Maddie and Phoenix in Inferno. Their memories became hers and their life experiences became hers. She recited them as if she lived them and she was mentally affected by that as well as being confused with her relationships with others (namely Scott) bc she was haunted by those memories which she had acquired. Thats not happening with Teen Jean. She knows what happened via Beast, but its not the same thing as actually feeling as if she lived through all that.

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