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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman!! - Part 7

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post

I know Affleck will probably do well. He's younger so he can stick around longer. But I feel like Affleck fits the Conroy-Animated Series/Arkham Series Batman more than some tired, grizzled Frank Miller version that Snyder seems to be after. Brolin fits that to a tee. I would have LOVED to have seen Ben direct a Batman movie with Brolin in the lead.
I think this idea of an "older, weary, veteran Batman" has been quite overstated and is being taken a little too literally by fans. It's not as if they're going to age-up Affleck and try to portray him as a gray-haired Bruce/Batman who's struggling to stay in the game and is on his last legs. That would be a silly way to spark a new Batman franchise and Ben will still only be 41 when he shoots the film.

Besides introducing a Batman that is already active and experienced (which is awesome), I imagine there will simply be more mystery around this Batman, similar (but not identical) to the way Burton handled the character in Batman '89. We won't know exactly how long he's been fighting crime as Batman. We won't know the exact year he first donned the cape and cowl. We won't know the circumstances of his training or how he came to be Batman, beyond maybe a conversation with Superman about his parents' deaths or a flashback.

In terms of him being "tired and weary", I think Batman's characterization will be depicted as somewhat less naive than this young Superman and more understanding of the harsh realities of life on Earth, as well as having already been exposed to more of the darkness of human nature. Batman will probably be completely untrusting of those around him (other than longtime allies like Alfred), especially this newfound alien from outer space. I assume one of the things Batman will learn from Superman is that in some cases, he should give people (or aliens) a chance to earn his trust and that not everyone on the planet is "out to get him" or "not what they seem". Similarly, from this fresh-faced Superman who is considered a symbol for hope, Batman will learn that it's okay to be more optimistic than he has been. He'll have to remember what it was like for himself when he first began his war on crime, how eager and hopeful he must have been to help people and change things for the better.

In return, I'm sure this Superman will have plenty to learn from Batman, as well. He'll witness first-hand Batman's methodical and borderline obsessive commitment to his mission. He'll come to learn the importance of research, preparation, training/honing his powers, and maybe that he should be LESS trusting and more skeptical in certain situations, especially as he as exposed to the ruthlessness that some humans have. Let's remember in MOS, Superman's foes were biologically-engineered Kryptonian warriors. Superman vs. Zod was all about big, random, physical confrontations and reactions. He hasn't been exposed to a true human sociopath/psychopath like Lex Luthor or The Joker yet, while I'm sure this Batman will have already come across plenty of them. Yes, we all know Superman could physically destroy any opponent, but in a deceptive mind-game with Lex, he might lose. That's an area he could look to Batman for guidance.

Call me crazy, but even typing out hypothetical scenarios like this gets me so excited for this film. Hard to believe it's really happening. Although we know nothing about it at this point, there are so many possibilities for what they can do with these 2 characters on screen. Not just for this one film, but as the DC film universe progresses. I would LOVE to see an interpretation of the 'Tower of Babel' story in a future Justice League movie down the line, even JLA 2 when/if they get to it.

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