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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
My money's on Batman fighting like this:

And I'm cool with that.
Yeah, that would be cool, but to me it was always a bit too music video like.
I know a lot of people hated the Nolan fight scenes, but I loved them because they were dirty and hectic and ugly and raw.

Sure, I don't want Snyder to redo that, so I guess the Watchmen action would be cool, if he would dirty it up a bit and loose the slo-mo.

What I would really hate would be this Scott Adkins B-movie, roundhouse, spinkick, jumping around, kick, kick, spinkick, roundhouse style. That looks SO FAKE and cheesy, especially if they amp up the speed of the footage to make it sem faster... Urgh... I am too old for this "look at me, I am cool" fighting style. Noone would ever fight that way.
Nolans KFM style at least tried togive the viewer a sense of realism, because of its close quarter nature and a lot of blocks and counters. Nobody just takes a few roundhouse kicks to the face without putting their arms up to block that... outside of B-movie action fare or the Blade franchise of course.

I would like a new moveset, that is brutal and straight forward, but maybe a tiny bit more flashy than KFM. No spins, no jumping, not too many kicks, no "look at me!" Martial arts and nothing too hectic like something out of a kung fu movie. Its important for Batman to be a great fighter, who is fighting with results in mind and not looking good doing it. If he can put the guy down with a mean headbut, or a body tackle, he will go for it and not choose to do a 360 in the air and then give the guy a spinkick to look cool. He should be a economical fighter.

So, yeah, the more I think about, something like the Watchmen style fights, especially the fight against Veid at the end or the alleyway fight, would be great.

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