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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Get rid of that Keysi rubbish.
Batman is supposed to be one of the greatest martial artists on the planet.
Look at the Batman vs Bane fight. Don't get me wrong, it's engaging and brutal but I always imagined that fight to be like Bruce Lee vs a hulking beast. Pure technique and skill vs a relentless machine but in the movie Batman shows next to no technique at all and pretty much tries to go strength vs strength with Bane (which was stupid on the part of Batman).

I want to see genuine martial arts moves. Anyone can be in the Batman costume, so hire a martial artist and pull the camera back so we can see the blasted moves.

That said, I see Batman having one genuine fight in this movie, the fight that establishes that Batman is a Badass (probably against street thugs). Beyond that I think it will be brains and tactics when the inevitable Superman confrontation happens.

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