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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by TheNextNolan22 View Post
If the slo-mo style does come back, make it count. Use it maybe 2-3 times and not over do it. Maybe use it to get over a really brutal blow during a fight scene. I was kind of hoping for at least one during the Zod/Superman fight in MOS haha.
I was waiting for one in MOS, as well.

You see, the slo-mo needs to be used as a tool and not a crutch. When 80% of your film is in slow motion, it stops being cool. It becomes "normal", almost like watching a movie with no slo-mo. The best way to use it is almost like a punctuation mark. Imagine during the final act of this Superman/Batman film, once Batman and Supes are finally working together, we get an epic slow motion shot of the two of them performing a joint takedown or something.

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