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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat View Post
Yeah, that would be cool, but to me it was always a bit too music video like.
I know a lot of people hated the Nolan fight scenes, but I loved them because they were dirty and hectic and ugly and raw.

Sure, I don't want Snyder to redo that, so I guess the Watchmen action would be cool, if he would dirty it up a bit and loose the slo-mo.

What I would really hate would be this Scott Adkins B-movie, roundhouse, spinkick, jumping around, kick, kick, spinkick, roundhouse style. That looks SO FAKE and cheesy, especially if they amp up the speed of the footage to make it sem faster... Urgh... I am too old for this "look at me, I am cool" fighting style. Noone would ever fight that way.
Nolans KFM style at least tried togive the viewer a sense of realism, because of its close quarter nature and a lot of blocks and counters. Nobody just takes a few roundhouse kicks to the face without putting their arms up to block that... outside of B-movie action fare or the Blade franchise of course.

I would like a new moveset, that is brutal and straight forward, but maybe a tiny bit more flashy than KFM. No spins, no jumping, not too many kicks, no "look at me!" Martial arts and nothing too hectic like something out of a kung fu movie. Its important for Batman to be a great fighter, who is fighting with results in mind and not looking good doing it. If he can put the guy down with a mean headbut, or a body tackle, he will go for it and not choose to do a 360 in the air and then give the guy a spinkick to look cool. He should be a economical fighter.

So, yeah, the more I think about, something like the Watchmen style fights, especially the fight against Veid at the end or the alleyway fight, would be great.

Agree dude ! I'd forgotten about the alleyway fight, that was particularly brutal (loved the elbow snap) but Snyder does need to lose the slo-mo, it's absence was one of things that made MOS so enjoyable (no need for it).

So, somewhere between Nolan style KFM and Snyder style. I also think Batman should throw those batarang/throwing knives at people (rather than just use them to take out lights) Bats does it all the time in the comics. And really, it'd be pretty damn hard to kill someone with one of them, but they'd certainly slow his enemies down.

Whatever they choose, we want to see Batman who's a surgical fighter, does exactly what's needed to destroy his opponent, and definitely not standing there and slugging it out (like the Bane fight in TDKR, still enjoyed the brutality, but boy did Bats fight like a dumbass).

Might be nice to also see some Aikido, as in young Steven Seagal, Aikido (back in his earlier films he used to really mess people up with shihonage)
particularly if Bats is trying to intimidate some thugs.

I too would not like to see Blade-style fighting or the really show-off stuff.

Cheers !

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