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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post

I want to see genuine martial arts moves. Anyone can be in the Batman costume, so hire a martial artist and pull the camera back so we can see the blasted moves.
By martial arts you mean fancy jumping around, spinning around, jumpy kung fu stuff? Like he seems to want:

Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
In the perfect world that I dream of, the fight scenes would be more in the vein of The Raid.
That would be my absolute nightmare. No offense.
It would downright ruin the movie for me.
That is exactly the kinda of speed up, "look at me I am awesome" kind of fighting that absolutely hate in every movie. To be fair, I am not a big martial arts movie fan and I hated the Raid and watched the last half hour in fast forward, because I found all that jumping and kicking so boring (which had more to do with the non existing story and therefore non exsiting investment in the action for me).

The thing about Batman is, yes he is one of the greatest fighters/martial artists on the planet, but I would stress the fighter part more than the martial arts one.
Sure he knows kung fu, jeet kune do and all that jazz, but he never uses stuff like that in the comics (at least the modern). He is much more straight forward than that. When you compare his fighting style, how it is drawn almost all of the time, with lets say Daredevils, you will see he fights much more straight up punching, headbutting and kicking instead of really kung fu stuff. He has the skills to do that, but he doesn't fight flashy at all and thats how it should be and, I guess, how it will be. He has the knowledge of all those styles, but he never conforms to any one of those. The only time I want to see lightning fast moves from Bats is when he dodges blows, or deflects them, that would be cool, but when he is on the offense, normal thugs should not warrant anything fancy from him. One quick punch in the face or neck should be enough. He has to make it look easy, not like some sort of performance or dance.

At least thats how I want it. Really no offense againt your opinions, I get that a lot of folks feel that way.
I am glad that the Nolan movies did something I really liked and I hipe that Snyder won't let me down either.

I believe in Ben Afflecks Batman!
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