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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Finally, "The Wolverine" or "Wolverine: SAMURAI" premiered here in Japan yesterday,
and after watched it...what can i say? I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got an emotional attachment for most of the scene
I love how 98% of the movie is in Japan as it should be considering this movie based on Frank Miller's Japan arc

I also love that most Japan character in this movie also spoke Japanese, not like in Elektra...

For the story.....
to be honest, besides of anime version, I'm not familiar enough about Logan's adventure in Japan, but i do think that this movie is somewhat more interesting than the anime. In the anime version, I can't find any logical sense why Logan came to Japan, just to grab Mariko off her fiancee?? I think that's just silly story given. But in the movie version, Logan came to Japan as a guest for the invitation that sent by Yashida (who turned out to be Silver Samurai later on), and from that on, the movie gets more interesting.

Hugh Jackman as Logan (along with RDJ as Tony Stark, Jackman also gave his best performance here, I can see his very dedicated work when he's playing Logan here, just loved his performance, and same also with RDJ, I couldn't see other actor replace him as Logan)
Yashida invites Logan just to take his healing factor ability
The chase scene between Logan-Mariko and Yakuza in Shinjuku area
A Temple scene
A Shinkansen fight scene
TAO as Mariko (how can't I realize before that she's this pretty??)
Fukushima Rila as Yukio was also AWESOME!!
Hiroyuki Sanada as Shingen (as i can expected from him, very charismatic as always)
Will Yun Lee as Harada Kenichirou (my only complaint that he was not the one who wore the Silver Samurai armor)
Mariko told Logan to not put chopstick at the top of the rice bowl (I laughed at this scene, because in daily life, my grandmother once told me too this kind of thing when i was a kid ^^)
Logan & Yukio's relationship (though there wasn't any romance between them, but I can see the strong chemistry between them than Logan & Mariko)
Final battle scene between Logan vs Viper, Yukio vs Viper, Logan vs Silver Samurai was GREAT!!!
A Post credit scene that feature Logan, Erik & Charles, and talk about the upcoming danger that brought by...Trask Industries!

I was thrilled and excited when i saw the final 20 minutes of the movie

Brian Tee as Noboru (at least, in the anime version, Mariko's fiancee (Kurohagi) was far more menacing than this guy)
A forced kiss scene between Mariko & Logan

Overall, "The Wolverine" is the best Fox's Marvel movie
It delivers Big!!!
Indeed, the action scene wasn't as big and had more small scale comparing the other comic book movies, but after The Avengers, after Iron Man 3, after Man of Steel with its big high octane climax action.....I was happy that I've finally got this kind of superhero movie that flow with the straight story, incredible cast, a balance humor, and not too over the top action scene that I can fully enjoy.

Last, for Marvel movies this year,
"The Wolverine" is on the top, Yes, dare I say, for me, it was better than "Iron Man 3"


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