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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Am I the only one who wants to see him go full Ip Man, if he gets attacked by multiple opponents?

Sorry bro, but you might be. Batman doesn't just stand there and let thugs attack him, he moves around them, behind them -it's called stacking
where you let your opponents get in each other's way. Batman also attacks by surprise, and takes out henchman quietly. The idea of him standing and inviting the bad guys to walk up and punch him is not
the style I think suits him at all.
If anything Batman goes on the offensive, he keeps his enemies on the backfoot and off-balance.

Even the Jail-break fight scene from Watchmen was a little too slo-mo for me, I'd like to keep the action full speed, fast and aggressive. Again, if I had to make a comparison, I'd say that Batman's style should be quite
close to Jason Bourne's - aggressive, quiet and effective.
Bourne never talks in a fight, it's all business. That's not to say his fights can't be spectacular, I still rate the fight with Desh in Bourne Ultimatum as one of the best movie fist fights ever.

Anyway, if Snyder leaves the slo-mo aside, and keeps it brutal then his Batman will have a satisfyingly believable and effective fighting style.
Again, I want him to be dirtier, nastier, knee-stomping, nose breaking,
and groin kicking. I want to see Batman's anger represented on screen
in an intelligent but brutal fashion - you want the feeling that he really
hurts criminals (maybe that will be a bone of contention between him and
supes, that Bats fills up too many hospital legs).

I suppose in that respect the Batman of Miller's DKR had a very brutal and effective style - he breaks a couple of legs in that one, the mutant leader gets his leg broken at the knee, and one of Dent's henchmen gets a broken femur - ouch ! That's the sort of stuff Batman should be doing.

Having said that, I love the Arkham clip, is that Bats fighting Deathstroke,
it could certainly form the basis for a spectacular and nasty style. However, could Batfleck pull it off in real life, I'd really prefer not to see any wire work in the film -only one of the characters should be able to fly.

cheers, !

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