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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
There is one moment after the Talia reveal that solidifies that Bane is not just some henchman for her. It's when she tells him to keep Bats alive so he can feel the fire then says goodbye to Bane. What does he do? He doesn't obey orders, he's his own man, and he tries to blow Batman's head off anyhow "we both know that I have to kill you'll just have to imagine the fire".
This is such a ridiculous argument and I laugh every time I read it. How does the fact that he was so afraid of killing Bruce in front of her that he waited till after she was gone prove that he was his own man? They both thought that the city was going to explode in a few minutes, why would he even believe that she would find out?

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